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Well, hello there! I hope you are enjoying your stay at Point Ellice. It's just about teatime -- the perfect time to trade GOSSIP! So pull up a chair, and I'll tell you some things about the people who live here.

Peter O'Reilly

Caroline O'Reilly

Frank O'Reilly
  If you're interested, there is also an on-line exhibition of some of Kitty's work.

If you are here for the houseboy position, here is a list of wages.

Or visit the Trutch-O'Reilly Family tree.

Primary Source Material
Read the correspondence between the O'Reilly family members in the "Letters" pages.

Kathleen O'Reilly

Aurthur "Jack" O'Reilly

Mary O'Reilly

Joseph Trutch

Henry Stanhope

Captain Robert Scott

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