Digital Collections Team

Team Members for Phase Three, 2001

LibertyLiberty Walton

Project Manager and Content Development

Liberty has a BA in Art History and is working on a Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from the University of Victoria. She has experience in Collections Management, Photographic Research, Retail Management, and was an Interpreter at Point Ellice House in 1996. Liberty's research of the O'Reilly family photographs is available in the Photograph Exhibition. Her main interest is in the Curatorial direction of Museums and Heritage sites, and loves to visit Museums worldwide.

KarinKarin Kwan

Educational Programmer and Teacher on Call

Karin recently graduated from the University of Victoria's Faculty of Education (elementary). She has been teaching on call for the last 3 years and has a strong background in lesson planning. She was responsible for putting together and modifying the teachers' and kids' corner (with the help of the rest of the team, of course!). Karin ultimately hopes to settle down to a part-time teaching career in primary education.

SueSue Parfitt


Sue Parfitt completed her Anthropology/Sociology BA in 1997 and is presently working on completing her Diploma in the Cultural Resource Management Program at UVic. She has been working at the BC Heritage Branch, as an intern and contractor, and was assigned to work on Phase III of the Point Ellice House Website as a historical researcher. Sue's contributions to the project included research, photograph identification, photograph editing, creating captions, as well as assisting with content editing and administration. Sue hopes to work within the Museum/Heritage field in the future and her main interests include interpretive planning, collection management and research.

JolieJolie Patterson

Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Jolie graduated from University of Victoria with a degree in History in Art. Since graduation she has channeled her artistic energies into Website Design, Graphic Arts and Photography. She has worked for many of the Yukon's museums as an interpreter and exhibition designer. Jolie is responsible for the design, layout, graphics for the entire O'Reilly Family Photography Special Exhibits area. She also designed the Dresses page in the Teachers' Corner. She is currently employed as a graphic artist and web designer.

BronwenBronwen Duncan

Writer for the O'Reilly Family Story

Bronwen completed a degree in Creative Writing in the 80's and since then has had a variety of career and volunteer positions in arts and administration. As her daughter, Avelyn, began to be fascinated with the heritage world, Bronwen was led to rediscover this earlier passion and is presently taking the Cultural Resource Management Program at the University of Victoria. She was responsible for the children's "O'Reilly Family Story". Bronwen believes that if we can stimulate a child's imagination about their own society's heritage, we also help promote that child's sense of belonging in a continuum of time and culture - a valuable accomplishment in today's fast-paced, throw-away world.

BenBen Shum

Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Ben was responsible for the design of graphics, layout and overall "look" of new sections and content, including Teachers' Corner, Kids' Corner, Letters, and Site Map pages. He also updated the design of the Entrance, Index, Introduction, Collections Index, and Digital Collections Team page. Ben is a an artist in several areas: drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, illustration, graphics, makeup, and photography. He has attended the University of Victoria and other accredited post-secondary institutes, but considers himself self-taught in the areas of art and design. Ben is currently working as principal designer for a local web design firm, and freelances as a photographer and makeup artist.

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Team Members for Phase Two, 1997

SuzanneSuzanne Vanderven

Graphic Design, Photography, Layout, Scanning, and HTML

Suzanne has a Diploma in Visual Arts. Her area of focus is Graphic Design and is a partner in the company Industrial Art Internet Group.

Suzanne added a new index and main page, the O'Reilly family tree, Caroline O'Reilly's recipes,the Point Ellice clothes collection section, the RBCM collection of Point Ellice Clothes and Accessories section,the Victoriana for Children section and the Interactive Dressing Doll, Kathleen O'Reilly's Presentation Gown section, and the Architectural Drawing section.

Suzanne has also worked on the project: Emily Carr at home and at work, and is currently developing the B.C. Archives Time Machine website.

CarollyneCarollyne Yardley

Graphics Design,Photography, HTML, Scanning, Design, Layout, RBCM Docent

Carollyne is also a partner of Industrial Art Internet Group. She has a BA with a double major in Psychology and History in Art from the University of Victoria. Her areas of study focused on Consumer and Marketing Psychology and Northwest Coast Indigenous Arts.Carollyne was the writer and designer for the Manufacturers Biographies on this site. She also created the Fun and Games section for kids in the Victoriana for Children and added information to the database. Carollyne created the Teacher's Corner section forTeaching, Learning, and Farming at Craigflower Farm , and is currently working on the B.C. Archives Time Machine Phase I and Phase II, Haig-Brown House, and a Teachers Guide for the Emily Carr At Home and At Work site. Carollyne loves the museum and antiques. She hopes to be able to vacuum the Woolly Mammoth in the RBCM one day!


JenniferJennifer Iredale

Curator and Content Provider
Heritage Branch,
Ministry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture.

Jennifer has been in the historic site business a long time (since 1974)! She has a BA in History and Museum Studies from UBC and a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation from Columbia University, NYC. She was curator at Barkerville before becoming curator of the South-West Okanagan Region historic sites, including Carr House, Point Ellice House, Haig-Brown House, Craigflower Schoolhouse, Helmcken House, Kilby,Yale,and Keremeos. Besides playing with old buildings and old stuff, Jen likes to play with her kids.

Her e-mail address is:

Team Members for Phase One, 1996

TroyTroy Whitbread

Team Leader

Troy has a BA in Art History and a Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from the University of Victoria. He also has experience in Graphics Design and computer instruction. His main interest is in museums and the internet, and spends most of his life in either one of them.

Projects he has worked on:
Living Landscapes: Thompson-Okanagan, Past, Present, and Future
Endangered Species in Endangered Spaces
Point Ellice Collection of Household Victoriana
Emily Carr: at Home and at Work

Troy's e-mail address is:

KathrynKathryn Wilson

Graphics Design, Layout, Photography, and HTML

Kathryn has recently completed a BA double major in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. Her area of study focused around community and social planning within an ecosystem framework. Kathryn hopes to either one day replace Victoria's city planner or become an artisan on a remote Gulf Island - which ever proves to be the most pragmatic!

Here is Kathryn's favorite Web site.

AlanAlan Moore

HTML, Database design and implementation

Alan is in his third year of a BSC in Computer Science at the University of Victoria. Another "techie", he has a lot of experience working with audio visual equipment and programming in several different languages. He prefers Macintosh over IBM (but still likes getting his hands dirty in unix) and Coca-Cola over Pepsi.

PaulPaul Dymecki

Scanning, HTML, Database design and implementation

Paul is in the second year of a two-year program in the Computer Systems Technology Program at Camosun College. Paul is a hard-core "tekkie", and knows programming in many different languages. Along the way he has also learned several human languages (although they are not nearly as interesting),including French, Spanish, Chinese, and English.

BurtonBurton Baskerville

HTML, scanning, maps

Burton was the most elusive of the team, and, ironically, learned this useful skill installing security systems for two alarm companies in Victoria. As you can tell by his e-mail address, Burton is a living Douglas Adams novel, complete with high-tech interface and multiple planes of reality. His only problem was that he couldn't always find an electrical socket where he needed it...

Burton's e-mail address is:

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