The Schooner Margaret Haney
Image courtesy of BC Archives.



Date: 	June 16, 1875.

Position: Houseboy.

Wages: 	10 dollars per month, 
	plus room and board.

Place: 	2616 Pleasant St., 
	Point Ellice House, 
	Victoria, BC, Canada.

After enduring a long, difficult voyage across the Pacific Ocean by schooner, you have arrived in Canada to be hired by the O'Reilly family. The O'Reilly's are a well-to-do family, living in Victoria, BC. They own a fine home on the waterfront that matches their status in the community.

You gladly leave the ship in the Inner Harbour, and take a horse-drawn carriage to your new place of work, Point Ellice House. You are to replace the current houseboy, who is going back to China to be with his family.

His last duty to the O'Reilly's is to show you around the house, and train you in your daily activities.

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